Other Relevant Research Papers

Other Relevant Research Papers

By-product assessment in the Spencer Gulf Prawn Fishery with an emphasis on developing management options for Balmain Bugs (2010)  -Report – FINAL 28_04_2010

SGWCPFA T90 Final report CFOC

2012-13 Survey of Australian wild-caught prawns for analysis of cadmium and selenium, April 2014

Risk Assessment of Cadmium in Australian Wild-Caught Prawn Muscle Tissue, April 2014

Prawn Market Access Defenders, April 2014

Assessment of Methodologies for the Emuneration of Pathogenic Vibrio species in Australian Prawns, January 2014

ESD risk assessment of South Australia’s Spencer Gulf Prawn Fishery (2014)

A bio-economic model for South Australia’s prawn trawl fisheries (2015)

Fishery-independent_by-catch_survey_to_inform_risk_assessment_of_the_Spencer_Gulf_Prawn_Trawl_Fishery (2009)

Biosecurity and disease status of prawn nurseries in South Australia (2010)

Prawn and crab harvest optimisation: a bio-physical management tool. Final Report to the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (2015)

Monitoring and assessment of by-catch and by-product species of the Spencer Gulf Prawn Fishery (2005)

Interactions with TEPS or protected species in South Australian managed Fisheries 2012/13 (2014)

A reporting framework for ecosystem-based assessment of Australian prawn trawl fisheries: a Spencer Gulf prawn trawl fishery case study (2015)

Bycatch reduction devices (BRDs) to reduce the incidental catch of cuttlefish in the Spencer Gulf Prawn fishery  (2014)

Surveying, Searching and Promoting Giant Australian Cuttlefish Spawning Activity in Northern Spencer Gulf. Final Report to the Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (2015)