Handling & Storage

Frozen prawns should be thawed quickly at room temperature by removing from the carton and immersing in iced, salty water. When thawed they should be placed on a tray sitting on ice, inside a sealed container. Frozen prawns should be used within 24 hours after being thawed. Do not freeze prawns that have been thawed as you will greatly reduce their quality. Ensure you use green prawns as soon as you can after defrosting as they will begin to oxidise and blacken within several hours.

If you are using the prawn for a hot dish, buy them green and cook them only once. If you are using them for a salad or for eating as they are, buy them pre-cooked. A prawn cooked from live and then refreshed in brine ice will always be firmer, crisper and sweeter than a green prawn that has gone through the same process.

Food Processing Accredited (FPA)

All Spencer Gulf King Prawns are caught and packed on modern state of the art vessels with the highest level of quality control in any foodstuffs being the Food Processing Accreditation (FPA) system, ensuring reliable and consistent size, safety, presentation, flavour and product life.

Shelf Life

Uncooked, the Spencer Gulf King Prawns can last over eight months in a freezer without affecting the quality or shelf life of the product.