About King Prawns

About King Prawns

King Prawns are nocturnal animals as they are more active at night. They are benthic dwelling animals which means they live on the seafloor. During the day and in bright moonlight King Prawns burrow into the seabed sedimentation. They are more active and spend mroe time foraging during the dark period of teh moon phase, thus favouring the dark if the moon.

This prawn species is generally a warm water or tropical species.  The King prawns found in South Australia are remnant population that are maintained in the warm waters of the Spencer Gulf, Gulf of Saint Vincent and adjacent to the small bays along the West Coast of South Australia.  The Gulfs and Bays experience a temperature variation of 12°C between summer and winter periods.


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The prawns respond to the warmer temperatures through growth, movement, reproductive and foraging activity and as such is an important driver.

King Prawns also prefer warmer waters, so are most active during the summer months to early winter. Prawn fishing in the Spencer Gulf takes place (November to December and March to June) when the King Prawns are active, making fishing more efficient.

Although temperature is an important driver for the prawn population, the fact they are exposed to the cooler water temperatures create a unique characteristic of deep complex flavours and improved shelf life.